Pazartesi, Şubat 25, 2008

WTF?! (Why Thats For?!) / Sebep?

Eğer aranızda rusça bilen iyifikir! takipçisi var ise -kaza bela bu yazıyı okuyorsanız o da kabulümdür- ne yazdığını, neden bahsettiğini yorum olarak bırakırsanız çok sevinirim.
If any of you good idea! readers know russian -you can be visiting this site and reading this sentence accidentaly, doesn't matter- please leave a comment for what this is about.

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0:52 Welcome to Gmail. Email in Google spirit. Simple, comfortable and functional.
1:05 Directly to your mail is embedded google search. Simply enter senders name or any text from mail and you will find mails.
1:25 In gmail you can mark most important mails by marking with stars, and when you need them again you can find them easy and fast by clicking menu with star.
1:45 With gmail you will always have allot of space. Everyday growing space of mailbox will allow you store your messages as long as you want.
2:00 Also in gmail you have chat. You will know who's online by looking at green dot. Just click name to enter chat and talk with friends in real time without leaving mail box.
2:25 One more function of gmail is good protection from spam. It will put all mails to spam folder without trashing your mailbox.
2:35 and at last - you can check your mail from mobile fone. Just enter and you will can download application for easy work with gmail.
3:07 get mail on


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