Cumartesi, Eylül 09, 2006

Sigarayı Bırakma Terapileri

"Bir sigaradan daha fazlasına ihtiyacınız var, "yardıma"...

Sigarayı bırakma terapileri

Gerçekten çok iyi bir fikir!

Creative Director: Alejandro “Lato” La Torre P. / Jorge Llewellyn
Art Director: Jorge Llewellyn
Copy: Alejandro “Lato” La Torre P.

Kaynak: Advertising/Design Goodness

Find smokers highly addicted to cigarettes

Idea: Benting down to pick up a cigarette from the ground is an action that implies the desperate need for smoking. This is the reason why we place on the ground rolled fliers very similiar to cigarettes in areas with high pedestrian traffic. When a smoker picks it up, he will be amazed to find out that it is a flier that points out his addiction to cigarettes and offers to him some help

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